Sly Skunk Costume for Adults


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Rank and VileNot all stinks are equal. Over the centuries, the background of scents has changed completely. In the past, baths weren’t very popular. In fact, some hoity-toity royals were well-known for their disturbing odor. Take King Louis XIV for instance. He smelled so strongly of sweat that he ordered that attendants opened the windows in every room he entered as soon as he entered them. Then again, the whole world stunk. There was a lack of proper plumbing, there were no toothbrushes, people didn’t even have soap they could use on the skin until the 1700’s! So yeah, before the last century, being a stinker was the norm! Everyone from saints, princesses, and genius playwrights stunk a little bit. It’s time people go back to flaunting their Eau-Natural scent without shame with a costume that’s a little funky! Details & DesignSlipping into this hilarious skunky look is easy with this Made by Us costume jumpsuit! The suit zips right up the front of the fuzzy white belly. It’s all in one with a stuffed tail in back and an attached hood with sweet pink ears. The mitts are also attached with gray paws to make you more adorable as you’re doing forest floor scavenging.A whiff of the WoodsIn this costume, you can be as adorable as a skunk but you don’t have to commit to the odor. Want to pair up with more woodland creatures? We have all the forest creatures you can wish for! From little creatures like spotted fawns and sweet little chipmunks to bigger animals like bears and even a moose or two, all the animals you could hope for are a click away. Any party can be a forest fiesta if you so choose! Thank goodness you’re here first though, cause we all know the skunk’s always a slam dunk!

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