Sock Hop Cutie Costume for Girls


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Time for all the grooviest jukesters to head on down to the shindig. it’s a big party, and while they’re all going to be wearing their saddle shoes, they’re not going to be wearing them for long when they get to the party. You see, this is a good ol’ fashioned sock hop!Sock hops were all the rage in the 1950s, when teenagers would gather in gyms or the cafeterias at school for a big dance. It was pretty important to the school to not have those hard soled shoes to not ruin the surface of their varnished floors, so they made sure all the kiddos danced to the rock ‘n roll in their socks, with their shoes safely set aside. Hence the term sock hop!So, if you’re on the hunt for a retro look for your girl, we’re sure she’d love going in this Sock Hop Cutie girl’s costume! It has all the style of a popular 50s look for young ladies. This costume is styled like a skirt and top, but it’s a combo dress to make things just a little simpler. The belt is separate to get the right fit, and a scarf is included to wear as desired.The polka dot upper has blue cuffs and a collar, and the dress bottom looks just like a classic poodle skirt, with an embroidered poodle dog design and a leash that spirals up to the waist. A touch of tulle accents the bottom hem, and you can use a pair of bobby socks and saddle shoes (sold separately) to complete the style as we have it pictured.

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