Space Astronaut Costume for a Boy

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The ExplorerDo you have to keep a close eye on your child any time you take them somewhere new? Do you constantly find them climbing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be climbed, or perhaps you find them attempting to crawl into places that are best left unexplored? Well, it seems you have a young explorer on your hands and while that might be a little frustrating now, it might just give them the courage to pursue and adventurous career later in life, like an astronaut! Just imagine that! Your child explorer new frontiers in outer space…It’s going to take a ton of hard work and studying! After all, astronauts need to learn all about math and science before they even step foot inside of a rocket ship, but we think your child has what it takes! Of course, you can always encourage their spirit of adventure by dressing them up in this astronaut costume for kids.Product DetailsThis child astronaut costume comes with everything you need to make your child look like a real space explorer! The white top has blue and red stripes around the sleeves, along with patches in front to give it an authentic look. The bottoms are a matching white color and also feature blue and red stripes around the bottoms. The black harness fits around your child’s chest with a simple buckle and the fabric mask is designed to look like a space helmet.Mission to the MoonOnce your child is all dressed up in this outfit, you can begin the training! That means plenty of practice in mathematics, zero-g training, and maybe a trip to the swing set to get them accustomed to high-velocity travel! You could even check out our adult astronaut costumes to help them with their first mission to the moon!

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