Spanish Senorita Costume for Women


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Starlet, Star BrightAhhhh, Spain. Your cobblestone streets. Your tasty cuisines. Your delicate wines. Your teeny-tiny coffees. And of course, your dramatic dances! Whether you’ve recently returned from your first travels around the Iberian peninsula or you’re simply captivated by the dress and dance of flamenco, you can’t go wrong with a costume that promises to be both eye-catching and conversation-starting. Especially one that shows off your killer moves!If you’re looking for a costume that says “I’m ready to rumba,” then look no further! This Women’s Spanish Senorita Costume captures your flair, your fun, and your mystery. Can we get an ole! for that? In fact, this look may just be your ticket to stardom, with its dramatic design and vibrant color scheme. In it, you can master rhythm, practice rolling your hands elegantly to the beat, and get transported back to a place and time when elegance wrapped itself up in this timeless dance!Design & DetailsOur design studio definitely captured the essence of the era in this exclusive costume! Everything about this dress screams “dramatic entrance!” It’s an off-the-shoulder look, with ruffled flared sleeves and an asymmetrically-cut black bodice, adorned with red roses. The ruffled, tiered skirt cascades to the floor on one side of the dramatic side slit. Red-and-black polka dots adorn the skirt, sleeves, and matching hair piece. Grab yourself a fan and a pair of high heels, because this is a look made for center stage!A Chance to DanceA word of warning about this costume: it’s going to make you want to dance! So, be prepared for that. Wherever you wear this stunning outfit, you’ll see a dance floor open before you and a spotlight, intended solely for you. Make sure you’ve practiced your moves and your band knows the music, because this costume is meant to make you a true showstopper!

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