Spider-Girl Women’s Leggings

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WATCH WHAT THESE SPIDER-LEGS CAN DOThey slide across shiny buildings, they swing from skyscraper to skyscraper, and they kick villains like Lady Octopus and Fury the Goblin Queen right in the face, without mercy. What are we talking about? Spider-Girl’s fierce legs, of course! Not only do Spider-Girl’s famous legs thwart bad guys and help her web-sling around the bustling city, now they’re here to elevate your ensemble to new heights. The Spider-Girl women’s leggings can’t give you web-slinging, villain-vanquishing capabilities but they’re sleek appearance and high-quality construction can make you feel superhuman. Put together your very own Spider-Girl costume with the help of these stretchy pants or pair them with a leather moto jacket so you look like a superhero even when doing the mundane like running to the mailbox or the grocery store. PRODUCT DETAILSOfficially licensed, the Spider-Girl leggings are made from a blend of polyester spandex so they’re unbelievably stretchy (but not as stretchy as Spider-Girl’s web-slinging webs!) The springy fabric features a shiny, metallic finish with a small spider embroidered on the hip.THAT SPIDER-STYLEIt’s radioactive! Create your very own Spider-Girl costume with our other officially licensed merchandise like the matching eyemask and coordinating t-shirt.

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