Spider-Man Sunglasses for Adults and Kids

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SUPERHERO SNACKINGSpider-Man’s normal mask is cool, but it comes with one main flaw. It covers his mouth! That must make it pretty difficult for him to deliver his signature one-liners without his voice sounding muffled. Also, how does he snack when he’s on duty? If he helps an old lady cross the street and she buys him a churro, does he have to take the whole mask off just to eat it? Well, what if there was an easier way to transform into Spider-Man that still made witty one-liners and snacking both easier? It turns out, there IS a better way.PRODUCT DETAILSThis pair of Spider-Man Sunglasses is great for any hero who wants to become a hero without sacrificing their snacking and one-lining abilities! The frames are shaped like Spidey’s signature mask and the lenses are made of shatter-resistant material and have a smoky tint. They also feature full UV protection, so they help protect your eyes from harmful rays.BETTER THAN A MASKIf you like to snack while you take care of superhero business, then you’re going to want to wear these Spider-Man sunglasses. It’s much quicker and easier than using a mask! Maybe you can tip off Peter Parker about these handy shades!

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