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Reptilian Real EstateThe time of the dinosaurs was scary. It was a lizard eat lizard world. There was danger everywhere. On land, dinos had to worry about lava and tar pits. In the water, dinos had to compete with other creatures that were bigger than city buses… bigger than the White House! That’s a lot of animal to compete with. But the struggle between land and water is where the Spinosaurus was in the know. This was a dino that lived life on its own terms. It could hunt on land but if the volcanoes that year were getting too rough, it could simply retreat to the water, chowing down on the endless aquatic creatures that resided in the ancient seawater. With a long, narrow snout and a body that was just the right size to take up a land or water residence, this was a reptile that did quite well for itself in the Cretaceous Period!Details & DesignWe can’t get enough dino here at Halloweencostumes.com. That’s why you can come to us for your kid’s favorite dinosaur instead of settling for some generic reptilian compromise! This Spinosaurus features the distinct back panel and long tail of the carnivorous beast. The bodysuit zips up the front and is printed with a unique scale design created by our in house graphic designers. You’ll also get a headpiece sculpted with dangerous felt teeth and yellow eyes. The look is continued with clawed feet that strap over your child’s shoes and long-clawed mitts to keep your kid looking fierce!An Age to RememberDo you have a family full of dinosaur enthusiasts? We have high-quality costumes for everyone! Terrifying tots can dress up as a T-Rex while your vegetarian peace-maker middle child can dress up as the stunning Stegosaurus. We even have a few different dinosaur species for the adults. Cause why should you be left out of the Prehistoric party?

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