Spiritless Cheerleader Child Costume


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“Brains are gray, guts are red. Cheer for the Rotten U. Undead!”The “U ROT” cheer squad is looking for you!We’re looking for the best and the brightest (er, make that, worst & dullest) to join our macabre ranks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a zombie, ghost, or ghoul, (ghosts aren’t good material for the bottom of the pyramid- but they’re great for the top!) we are accepting all monsters for our nationally ranked cheer squad. If you think you have what it takes, tryouts are next Thursday. In the graveyard. Get ready to scream loud enough to wake the dead! We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, too (and we don’t just mean grave digging). We’ve got a performance coming up at the halftime show when we take on the Werewolves in Blood Bowl.Product DescriptionShow your team spirit (or lack thereof) with this fantastic Spiritless Cheerleader Child Costume. This kids cheerleader costume is ready for a fright night on the field! It starts with the sleeveless tank top with a V-neck and jagged edges. The matching skirt has an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. A cheesecloth fastens to the skirt and another drapes across the shoulders for a look straight out of the undead’s closet. A black pom-pom gives your little cheerleader just the proper she needs to be extra cheerless this Halloween. She’ll be sure to scare away the competition and hopefully they run fast away fast enough! Hopefully, this little zombie will stay away from the brains and just have a craving for candy this Halloween.In the Halloween SpiritWhile your little cheerleader might not have the right kind of spirit to cheer on the Friday night football game, she’s got the perfect spirit for Halloween! If you want to make this a team event rope in Frankenstein’s Monster as a quarterback and Banshee to shout out your cheers (what are cheers called when they’re in somber tone?). Come Halloween, your little one will give the term spirit a whole new meaning!

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