Squirrel Mask


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Don’t let preparing for winter get you down! There are still plenty of nuts and berries out there to gather and stash around your home so you won’t starve in the cold. And whenever you get bored, you can just scamper up your favorite tree and jump from limb to limb, chattering at the neighborhood cats the whole time. While you’re out, you may even find a new friend to frantically chase around!If that sounded surprisingly relatable to you, you may be a squirrel. Since we’re not trained or licensed squirrelologists, we’re not legally able to make an official diagnosis; however we can suggest wearing this Squirrel Mask to help let your inner-critter out to play. This molded latex mask makes you look like an adorable forest scavenger, and features eye holes and slits to breath through while you scour a party for snacks to horde for the upcoming winter. Again, we’re no squirrelologists, but we happen to know from experience that this cheeky mask is perfect for fighting off the winter blues!

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