Star-Lord Gloves for Kids


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The Guardians of the Galaxy would be scattered across space if it wasn’t for the charismatic Peter Quill. His fast handed ability to juggle weapons and schemes applies to his ability to see the good in every person (or whatever species they might be) he meets. He makes friends easily even if he was fighting the creature minutes before, he knows better than anyone that first impressions can be deceiving. With his quick wit and great taste in music, it’s no wonder why your intergalactic kiddo would want to dress as the Star Lord this Halloween. You might have the robe and the mask, but your child isn’t going to be fully protected in his epic battles if his hands are showing. Acidic alien spit could hit his fingers at an important moment and he might drop his weapon. Plus, those gloves will keep your kiddo toasty while trick-or-treating on a chilly Halloween night. Just warn your star Lord away from that alley, those trash pandas aren’t Rocket Raccoon.

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