Star Trek Juniors Sheer Yoke Red Sweater

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The red shirts of Star Trek have had a very long road. There was a time not so long ago that beaming down to a planet on an away mission while brandishing your bright red meant disaster. Simply (and sadly) put, you weren’t coming home… and, if you were, Jim wasn’t going to be able to help you. He’s a doctor, after all, not an exorcist!But, those days are long gone! Now, you can join the early command of Deep Space 9 with this Star Trek Junior’s Sheer Yoke sweater. Just like other officers, you’ll have a sleek black lower body and sleeves and commanding red mesh shoulders and yoke. Officially licensed by Starfleet, give a tap on your combadge insignia and let the team know that you’re ready to lead them into victory against the Dominion… or perhaps it is time for a nice visit to Risa!

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