Star Wars – Ewok Dog Costume

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a very good dog.Ewoks get a bad rap. They just do. There are whole websites dedicated to making fun of those little guys and you know why? It’s because they’re cute. That is their great sin. Somewhere along the way Star Wars super fans decided that cute things shouldn’t exist in a galaxy far far away. Not even a long time ago. But here’s the thing even though they look like teddy bears they fight like pit bulls. Seriously. These little fuzzy dudes take out a whole battalion of heavily armed (and admittedly poorly trained) Stormtroopers using only slingshots and lumber-based booby traps. So while they might appear to be very furry members of the Lollipop Guild they are also fierce warriors who fight for justice against the iron fist of the evil empire. Also in addition to that they are freaking ADORABLE and your little pooch will be too when you get him or her this super cute super fierce Ewok Costume.Includes One Ewok Dog Costume.This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume.

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