Star Wars Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Character Apron

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We’re telling you right now, nothing feels better than cruising down the canyon of a death star in a fine-tuned X-wing fighter. A few of us did some runs with the famous Red Squadron from the original rebellion and we’ve never tasted so much adventure in one, quick, death-defying trip. The last time we got that close to death was when we tried mama’s Cajun spice bbq sauce on our pulled pork sandwiches. We don’t know what the secret ingredient is, but we can guarantee it comes with a serious warning label about how you shouldn’t keep it too close to flammable materials. This got us to thinking; why don’t we combine our two favorite moments in life to create the ultimate chow worthy of a futuristic elite fighter pilot chef’s uniform? Somebody told us that was impossible, but we said it’s not that difficult of a shot, because we used to cook womp rat steaks perfectly on a grill made out of an old speeder grill, and they’re pretty delicate. With this apron, anybody can hit the coals on the grill just right to set off a chain reaction, and get that heat up to just the right temperature for a perfect meal.

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