Star Wars Pet R2D2 Costume


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A rowdy robot!Do you want your beloved furry friend to get in on the costumed fun this Halloween? If so dress your dog in this Star Wars Pet R2D2 Costume. The costume will allow your dog to disguise himself as the beloved robot from the Star Wars series R2D2. As soon as your pup dons this costume all of his four-legged friends will look on in awe. Like the true companion that R2D2 is your R2-unit will be ready to assist you with any of life’s problems without making you travel to a galaxy far far away. Includes: shirt with attached paw covers and hoodThis is an officially licensed Star Wars productMaterial: polyesterPart of the galactic gangR2D2 is commonly recognized as one of the most beloved Star Wars characters. If you want to celebrate Star Wars and the fictional legacy that George Lucas created in 1977 then dressing your dog in this great costume is a good way to start. If you want to bring your dog along with you to a party consider dressing as R2D2’s robot companion C3P0. Together you will be an unmistakable duo and undoubtedly the hit of the party! If you want to bring even more friends or pets along you can have them dress up like all of the Star Wars characters that everyone knows and loves! Consider having people dress up like Princess Leia Luke Skywalker Yoda Darth Vader Jaba the Hut stormtroopers and many many more!

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