Star Wars Pet Wampa Costume


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May the Force be with you and your pet!Are you a true Star Wars fan one who knows every character major and minor? Then you’ll appreciate this awesome Star Wars Pet Wampa Costume for your dog which comes complete with mini furry clawed feet and a horned head covering. Your dog will have every Star Wars aficionado nodding with approval when they see you strolling by with your pet Wampa. Includes: Hood with horns and paw covers.Material: Polyester.This is an officially licensed Star Wars product. Walk on the wild side as a WampaSome characters in Star Wars are so familiar that they’re instantly recognizable. Take Darth Vader or the Wookiee for instance. Other characters are less well known including this fierce Wampa which bears a slight resemblance to the abominable snowman. But these less famous characters are the ones that true Star Wars fans appreciate the most. So if you want to win extra brownie points at the next Star Wars fan gathering or Comic-Con pre-party have your pet wear this Wampa costume. Of course this costume is also perfect for Halloween especially if you’re planning on attending a party as Luke Skywalker. A short history of the Wampa’s role in Star WarsWampas are large carnivorous creatures that live on the planet Hoth. The most famous is the one that attacked Luke Skywalker in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back.” During the attack the Wampa slaughtered the Tauntaun that Skywalker was riding on and then hung Luke up in his cave. Fortunately for the Rebel Alliance Luke was able to cut one of the Wampa’s arms off and escape.

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