Star Wars Princess Leia Dog Costume

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May the force be with your doggy.Give your pup the Princess Leia Dog Costume to show how graceful courageous and intelligent she is. Even if those aren’t the defining characteristics of your little doggy well she’s going to look really cute in this costume. You might have to stop the neighbor’s Han Solo hound dog from digging under the backyard fence to flirt with your furry Princess Leia. Of course she just wants to save the universe from Darth Vader (that mean black cat who scratched her nose) and the Empire.The Princess Leia look begins with a dark brown headpiece/wig that matches the great Jedi warrior’s famous muffin-like hairdo. Fleas probably don’t find this fake hair very tasty. The white gown comes with a white belt studded with silvery metallic jewels. The gown also has attached arms that make it look like your dog is standing up in her costume even when she’s sitting. She likely isn’t very good at wielding a light saber anyway. Includes: Headpiece Jumpsuit. This is an officially licensed STAR WARS pet costume.

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