Star Wars Princess Leia Hoth Costume for Girls


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Girls With GumptionSome girls just won’t watch the galaxy suffer under tyranny! Girls like that see a maniacal leader like Emperor Palpatine exerting absolute control over the galaxy and it makes them want to… steal the secret plans for the Death Star to teach him a lesson! Girls like that aren’t afraid to grab a blaster and head to the Moon of Endor to disable a shield generator herself. Girls like that are certainly ready to inspire the masses to rise up against the evil Empire and girls like that definitely have no problem telling off some scoundrel like Han Solo!Is your girl the hero the galaxy needs? Does she have a tactical mind that’s ready to lead the Rebellion? Then she might just be ready to step in the role of Leia Organa, the heroic general from the Star Wars films. It all starts with this officially licensed costume for kids!Product DetailsThis child Leia costume helps your child become a hero from the galaxy far, far away. It comes with a jumpsuit designed to look like Leia’s outfit from the Hoth scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It also comes with an off-white vest. The boot covers fit on over your child’s favorite shoes to complete the look with ease, so your child can go lead the Rebellion in a matter of minutes. Just make sure to equip her with a blaster to fend off any Stormtroopers she might come across.Star Wars FamilyWhen your child steps into this Star Wars costume, she’ll feel confident enough to take on the whole Empire all by herself (tell Darth Vader to watch his back). Be sure to check out our full selection of Star Wars themed costumes for adults as well, since you can easily put together a great group costume with your little one at the lead as Leia Organa!

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