Star Wars Realistic Darth Vader Costume for Boys


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Your child has endless possibility stretching out before him. We all know that kids can do anything they put their minds to. He could become an ace pilot or maybe he could become a humble moisture farmer. Or maybe, just maybe… he could become the most powerful Sith Lord to ever rule over the galaxy, just like in the original Star Wars films. He just has to learn the power of the Dark Side.Your little one is going to need a little bit of help to begin his long journey down the path of the Dark Side though. You must teach him how to harness his emotions and use them as a weapon to enforce his own brand of order throughout the galaxy. You must teach him the ways of lightsaber combat, should he encounter any Jedi that might stand in his way. You must teach him how to stare menacingly at his foes! You’ll be like his very own Emperor Palpatine, except much prettier. But really, your first step in turning him into a master of the Dark Side is to get him an outfit he can proudly wear. He needs this realistic Darth Vader costume!This licensed Star Wars Darth Vader costume is a kids costume that doesn’t cut any corners. It comes with the black jumpsuit, a cape, a 2-piece helmet, a belt, and a pair of gloves. All the pieces come together for a costume that should have any Jedi in your corner of the galaxy shaking in fear. Just don’t teach him all your Dark Side secrets; otherwise he might end up tossing you down a giant shaft in the middle of the Death Star!

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