Star Wars Stormtrooper Character Apron


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It’s very sad that the Stormtroopers of the Imperial Army will be remembered for their inability to aim, and not for their other wonderful, off-screen talents. TK-03578 for example is one of the best chefs in the entire galaxy, let alone just the Empire. You should see what that guy can do with just a few standard issue rations, fresh veggies, and a little nutmeg. Luckily he hasn’t been forced into being blaster fodder in one of the movies yet, because morale would surely drop exponentially without his Fromirian roast queg. Do you have a famous ability to cook delicious foods in your neighborhood? Do you wish the Stormtroopers would finally get a little more positive recognition other than their ability to copy the Wilhelm scream perfectly? Time to throw on your Stormtrooper apron, and start a nice little bake sale or barbecue fundraiser in honor of remembering our fallen heroes with improperly adjusted rifle scopes. Don’t forget to bring the pickled zog!

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