Star Wars The Last Jedi Classic Rey Costume for Kids


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Does your little girl connect with the strong and independent, Rey? She’s the hero that all of us could wish to be. On the desert island of Jakku, no one was there to show her how to grow up to be tough, smart, and kind-hearted. She taught herself to fly, to keep her head down and take a smaller ration with grace, and stay hopeful for the return of her family. She basically trained herself to have the patience it takes to become a Jedi. Way to go, girl! If your daughter wants to channel this tough galaxy bound heroine, we have a few pointers. First, before she isolates herself on an island have her practice her basic light saber tactics. No need to focus on complicated techniques such as Sarlacc’s face or Fading Menace but she should at least learn to use a saber without creating a fire or damaging the wallpaper. Secondly, have her practice meditation techniques. The calm intensity provided by meditation will help her convince inquisitors that her droids aren’t the ones the Storm Troopers are looking for. Thirdly, well, you might not want to spring for flight lessons but we’re thinking flight lessons would be pretty cool! This costume features an easy jumpsuit with a black top, brown pants, and a blue sash on twisted in front of the bodice. She’ll be ready to take on dark forces with a detail printed belt and gauntlet. Finished off with the white sleeves this costume makes it seem like she’s ready for her Jedi training. There’s no doubt who the force is with this Halloween!

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