Star Wars Yoda Costume for Kids


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A Star Youngling…Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of the Force? Sure, every grown adult has thought about that at least a few times in life… probably several times… in fact, you probably came to this very costume page because, deep down, you were looking for a Master Jedi look for yourself and the Force led you here. We can’t blame you. The real problem is that there are so few Jedi Masters in the universe… and not everyone has what it takes to become a Jedi in the first place.Here’s the good news. You do have a Jedi Master in the making among you. You just need to glance a couple of feet down to look at your youngling and see the one prophecized to awaken the Force once again. It is time to unleash the Force! Product DetailsThat’s right! It’s time to channel the wisdom and Light Side of the Force from the best leader the Jedi Council had ever seen with this Kid’s Yoda costume. This outfit comes straight from the Star Wars movies and has a polyester jumpsuit with an attached robe. A set of foot covers are included to make sure your little one has the green feet of a tiny Jedi Master. A set of matching hand covers and a soft, plush Yoda headpiece complete the character effect. The only thing missing from the outfit is a lightsaber and some wacky English language syntax… (though your kiddo might have already mastered that one)…. A Genuine YodaWe all want to be one of the most powerful Jedi in all of history, but that’s sometimes impossible… especially when you’re about 3 feet too tall to qualify. Well, while you might not fit into the Master Jedi’s feet, your child might be just the one that we’ve all been waiting for with this Kid’s Yoda costume!

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