Steve’s Scoops Ahoy Uniform Kids Costume Stranger Things


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Getting the Scoop at StarcourtWorking for Scoops Ahoy seemed simple at the beginning of the summer. You had to make sure the ice cream was at regulation temp, where the sailor cap, and greet every customer with a cheerful, “Ahoy!”. What could go wrong, right? But the kids behind the counter weren’t planning on the Soviets showing up and complicating their sweet summer plans. How could they ignore a plot that was taking place right under their feet? Do you think your kiddo has what it takes to get to the bottom of the mall mystery? Test your family at home! You can accidentally “pick up a signal” with your Bluetooth speakers and listen in on a Russian code. Hide a treasure in your house. If your child gets to the bottom of the mystery, they get the job at Scoops Ahoy. If they don’t, they still get to wear this sweet costume but you get to keep the treasure (lucky you just happened to choose your favorite dark chocolate truffles, huh). Costume DetailsThis Scoops Ahoy uniform will make your kiddo feel right at home in the middle of their own strange mall mystery. Printed with all the costume details from the ice cream cone on the sleeve to the nautical collar, to Steve’s name tag on the chest. Topped off with the company regulation sailor’s cap, this costume is instantly recognizable by fans of the show. Child Endangerment, Not RequiredDo you have a group of kids that are getting together this Halloween? A Stranger Things group costume can come together with perfection when you add all the kid’s from the AV Club, Lucas’s sister, Erica, as well as Robin. You could even escort your kiddos around the neighborhood as the Demagorgen if you so choose. This Halloween, you’ll find that trick-or-treating is a little stranger and a lot better!

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