Stone Cold Steve Austin Adult Mask


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3:16 Ya’llDo you ever feel yourself filling up with rage? Do you ever just want to release it? Nothing wrong with that! We can even help. Release anger and even intense rage while under the guise of someone else. A wrestler, perhaps? Not just any wrestler, the Texas Rattlesnake, perhaps? Aw heck yea! The next time you feel someone needs a major “whoopin’,” you know what to do. Grab the Adult Stone Cold Steve Austin Mask, put it over your head, and completely let go. Lose control! Actually, become the man—no, the legend, that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Do your best Texan accent. Slam a can of beer. (Only if you’re of age, of course.) Say things like, “That’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!” Wear the Stone Cold mask and do whatever you want to do. We support you! Product DetailsThe officially licensed Adult Stone Cold Steve Austin Mask is a full latex mask carefully crafted to match the WWE phenomenon’s likeness. Featuring sculpted and painted details, the mask also contains tiny holes in the eyes, nose, and ears to easily see while doling out The Stunner. Total Champ VibesPick up a WWE champion costume kit to complete your kick-butt look!

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