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POWERFUL IN PLAIDIf you’re staring at this children’s plaid shirt for children and thinking, “it’ just a shirt— big whoop,” then we have our work cut out for us. On the surface, the long-sleeved button-up seems basic but upon taking a closer look, you’ll find it gives ordinary kids some amazing powers. First, you’ll have an insatiable appetite for a particular breakfast food— waffles. With syrup or without, with butter or fresh-out-of-the-toaster, doesn’t matter you’ll crave any kind of waffle and want one at any hour of the day. You’ll also possess the uncanny ability to make friends. Kids from all over will be lured to you but not in a creepy Demogorgon sort of way. Other children will genuinely want to hang out because you’re mysterious and mystery always (usually) leads to fun. You’ll have a whole new friend crew before Halloween is over, thanks to a seemingly-ordinary yet extraordinary plaid shirt. This shirt isn’t stitched together with freakish fabric from the Upside Down (it would feel a lot slimier if it was), but it does perfectly mimic Eleven’s most notable outfit from season 2 of Stranger Things. Wear it and get ready for friend-making opportunities to pop up and maybe even a few inter-dimensional gateways.PRODUCT DETAILS The comfortable and light-weight long sleeve features chest pocket flaps (not functional pockets), fold-down collar and a brown, blue and white plaid design. Please note, the child’s Eleven plaid shirt is meant to accompany the Stranger Things Eleven overall costume which we also sell or pair it with your favorite pair of trusty jean overalls to achieve the same look pictured here.STRANGE SIDEKICKDo you know another Stranger Things character who loved wearing a plaid shirt? Barb (R.I.P Barb.) Seek justice for poor Barb by getting your best friend to wear the officially licensed Barb plaid shirt, also sold here.

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