Stranger Things Eleven Short Adult Wig


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THAT DARKER, GROWN-UP LOOKYou know what’s harder than growing up as a psychic science experiment only to escape and find that your world is being invaded by a terrifying creature that dwells in the Upside Down, risking not only your life but those of your friends while the crazy scientists will ruin anyone in their path to steal you back to the base? Well, having a bad hair day on top of all of that can make your life even more of a bother! Sometimes, you just want to enjoy your day, relax to one of two channels, and not have to deal directly with all the crazy of a world below! PRODUCT DETAILSIf you’re looking to get that authentic psychic gal look, this Stranger Things Eleven Wig is perfect! The synthetic hair shows off a slightly more grown-up Eleven look. Gone are the days of a shaved head and blonde wig. Welcome the look of a wild dark hair color. Let it frizz out to show the kind-hearted Eleven or comb it back for that dark and dread style!NO NOSEBLEEDS, NO POWERSWe’re not precisely sure what the connection between nosebleeds and psychic powers are, but we’re not sure that they should be pursued with reckless abandon, either way. Better to establish that dark psychic style, first, and let the powers come naturally!

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