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YEAR-ROUND SWAT TEAM ANTICSWhenever there are threats that are just a bit more than the local law enforcement can handle, a well-trained unit of officers need to be called to help halt the crazy and bring back the peace. It might be because of far too many people, dangerous criminals that are trained and armed beyond the scope of the locals, or who knows, perhaps even some supernatural invasions that just require a bit more than brave-but-unprepared cops have in the budget!That’s where the Special Weapons and Tactics teams come to the scene. Unfortunately, they’ve got to be ready at the drop of the hat every day of the year! That means that they can’t just have your typical one-use flimsy fabric look that is intimidating the first time but falls apart as the night goes on! What alien menace or vicious mob is going to back down if the SWAT stitching is coming loose! Fortunately, we’ve got some great folks on hand to ensure that our SWAT can play their roles any day they desire! DESIGN & DETAILSOur own extraordinary team has all the gear for the job ready for your kiddo to lead the team to success with this exclusive Kid’s SWAT Commander Costume. This SWAT logo shirt features printing on the sleeve and chest as well as cargo pockets for those extra bits of confiscated candies. The plastic helmet adjusts its size easily with a chin strap and the tinted visor snaps onto the front of the helmet to offer your kiddo that especially intimidating, smoky stare. That might be enough for a solid look, but our designers know that you can’t have SWAT without weapons and tactics, so the molded baton, handcuffs, and walkie-talkie not only complete the look but will finish the task, too! DECKED OUT FOR ANY MISSIONWhen trouble comes calling to your neighborhood, feel secure that you’ve got a ready solution as your beck and call. When your kiddo is geared up in this SWAT Commander look, they’ll be ready to put the kibosh on any mischief. Heck, it might even make them cause less of it!

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