SWAT Costume for Kids


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Specialized SkillsAn unruly little sister having a mid-mall meltdown, a dangerously funny impending prank, a mysterious case of a suddenly empty cookie jar. When the police get into trouble with a situation sometimes they need to call upon a specialized team to get the job done. Your family is no different.Which is why you will love sending your kiddo in wearing this Child SWAT Costume. He knows how to de-escalate a situation; he can soothe his sister in an instant, he can sense mischief from a mile away, and the cookies? Well, that’s not a major mystery; he ate them all. The men and women of the SWAT team have the training to get them through any sticky situation, we’re talking pure maple syrup sticky. With SWAT’s know-how, bravery, loyalty, and special skills, no mission is too tough.Product DetailsNow your little hero can suit up in this black jumpsuit and be just like the best and bravest force out there! He’ll love his official-looking SWAT vest, adjustable black plastic helmet, and all of the included equipment, a plastic flashlight, handcuffs, binoculars, and toy grenade! Every once and awhile he may forget the great commitment he made to the family (he’s a kid after all), but you can point to the badge on this costume and read it out to him: “To serve and protect.” It’s a tough job, Junior, but someone crazy-cool has got to do it!

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