Sweeney Todd Costume for Women


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A Cut Above the RestAre you thinking of starting a business? It’s a popular dream but a tough one too. How do you find a brick and mortar idea that’s not already flooding your local market? How do you come up with a product that’s affordable for your customers and cost effective for you? While we’re not sure that Sweeney Todd was the most moral guy of musical history, he had some great ideas about running a business! When it comes to a sustainable business model, success is all about collaboration these days. He isn’t afraid to use the “waste” from his butcher. . . whoops, we meant barber business for the pie shop downstairs. Plus, he achieves his greater goal in the end. Because we all know Sweeney Todd’s real business has always been revenge. Product Details & DesignYou’ll look like a very chic female Sweeney Todd in our exclusive licensed female Sweeney Todd costume. The cream-colored light-weight shirt has a collar and billowy sleeves with buttoned cuffs. It is layered under a faux-leather marbled vest with a double button in front. Fitted pinstripe pants are fitted with a holster for our Sweeney Todd razor prop. You’ll love all the little details that come with this Made-By-Us look like the fingerless gloves and the silky tie. Look Out LondonAre you ready to take your place on Fleet Street? Cool, but don’t feel offended but we’re never eating meat on that street again! Finish off your look with plenty of black eyeliner and our Sweeney Todd blade. You’ll also love the black wig with a gorgeous shock of white in the front. Whether you’re teaming up with Mrs. Lovett or you’re heading out solo, you’re sure to own the dark character of Sweeney. Now, if only you could find a retail rental with a trap door in the floor?

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