Sweet Mermaid Child Costume


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Mermaids are special among mythological creatures in that they’re one of the very few which little girls love and want to be. We’ve never met a girl who wished she could be a centaur, harpy, or manticore. And what’s not to like about manticores? What’s so unappealing about a creature with the body of a lion, head of a human, wings of a bat, and tail of a scorpion? Is it that they’re hideous? Absolutely, yes. That was a leading question.Mermaids are colorful, sparkly, and always have flowing and well-moisturized hair. They spend their days collecting treasures, singing with their crustacean friends, and teasing sailors. Sounds perfect. But no matter how much fun they might have, we imagine that mermaids’ popularity would take a pretty big hit if the fish and human halves were swapped. That wouldn’t be very cute, and it would raise a lot of questions, too.Short of scuba equipment, our Sweet Mermaid Costume is the best way to let your little one live out her underwater fantasies. The dress is designed to make her look like she just jumped out of the ocean, with detailed scales and a magenta bodice. This costume will leave her little feet free too, which is doubly convenient as she’ll be able to dance to her favorite mermaid songs and you won’t wear yourself out carrying her door to door trick or treating!

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