Tacky Tourist Costumes – Set of 2


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Wearing these 2 hilarious Tacky Tourist Costumes and you’ll be ready to party at the all-you-can-eat buffet! Get really into it this year as you ask for directions to the bar and take up as much space as humanly possible on the bus or subway. A great Halloween costume for couples or best friends, you will have so much fun pretending to be the most annoying, gluttonous, and naive people. Argue and bicker with each other all night long! No couples trip is complete without a shouting match. Hell, don’t tip the bartenders! They don’t do that here, right? Includes: 2 Tacky Tourist one-piece jumpsuits with a hoop waist, baggy shorts, a funny T-shirt print (“Which way to the Buffet?”), and a tacky Hawaiian overshirt. One size fits most. Availability: This Tacky Tourist Costume Set takes approximately 1 business day to leave the warehouse plus transit time.

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