Tangled Rapunzel Deluxe Kids Wig


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Gleaming and Glowing Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to come upon a magical flower that brings the gift of light and love to the world. Those are pretty rare though (and they tend to turn folks a little witchy, too). We find that the best version of those are in the smiling faces of our kiddos! Of course, a chipper tune is only one of the great ways to help make their grin bloom even brighter. If you think of them as a true royal wonder, practice the magical song of Tangled and offer up a golden gift! Product DetailsWith this officially licensed Kid’s Rapunzel Deluxe Wig from Tangled, you’ll be able to give your tyke the magic of Rapunzel… and you won’t have to go to the same lengths that Mother Gothel does to do it! No magical flowers or mystical chants are needed to bring out the golden braids in this wig. That doesn’t mean we haven’t included a few of the bright flowers from the kingdom dance at the Festival of Lights, though! A Way to Light the WayWhether dancing about for Halloween or enjoying a Disney Princess party, this officially licensed Tangled wig will bring a bright smile to everyone’s face. (And, fortunately, it isn’t so long your tyke will be swinging from trees, either!)

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