Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Brother Leonardo Deluxe Kids Costume


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Laid Back LeoThis isn’t your daddy’s Leonardo! Back in the 1980’s Leonardo was the stoic leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was always calm and he kept the whole crew together. In Rise of the TMNT, Raphael takes a shot at leading the team, so Leo gets to indulge in a more laid back lifestyle than his previous turtle versions. Of course, he’s just as handy with a katana and he can still kick the Foot Clan’s butt with one hand tied behind his back, but now he makes a wisecrack or two while doing it.Do you have one laid back little dude on your hands? Well, maybe your child is ready to take on the role of Leonardo from Rise of the TMNT!Product DetailsThis kid’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo Costume is officially licensed from the Rise of the TMNT show. The tunic-style shirt has a foam, detachable shell, which can be stuffed to give it a round and full look. It also has muscle padding in the arms to give your child a buff Ninja Turtle look. The matching pants are green and have attached boot covers, so your child can wear them with any pair of shoes they like. Finally, the included mask helps your child transform into the sword-wielding mutant! It’s molded to look like Leo’s face, complete with the red stripes near his eyes. It fits with an elastic band and open eyeholes for your child’s eyes. The only thing missing is a rad katana to get your child in the crime-fighting mood!Wisecracks and Ninja AttacksOnce your child has this Leonard costume, they’ll be ready to fight the Foot Clan with everything they got! Of course, you can always help your child develop their wisecrack game. Mikey, Raph, and Don always count on Leo for a good witty remark!

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