Terrifying Tree Costume for Kids


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WATCH FOR THEIR EYESYou know that exceptionally creepy moment when you’re walking through an environment that you were pretty sure was safe and then, suddenly… you’re just not. The shadows seem off. Something in your peripheral is moving. Perhaps worst of all, your children have gone silent. Now, we’re not suggesting they are in danger. You know that when your kiddos go quiet that they are far more likely doing something you’ll regret rather than being in danger! So, it is crucial to get used to spotting those little details to help you get out of the danger zone unscathed. Remember the hiding spots where they can fit due to their size. Listen for the almost muted giggling that means they are about to launch an attack. And, most of all, look for their gleaming eyes. Of course, if you aren’t sure you will notice all those details, you could just lean into the terror and give them a Terrifying Tree costume so it is harder for them to hide! DESIGN & DETAILSCome to think of it, that’s probably the safest bet. Our own team of petrified parents put their heads together to create this foam-backed jersey with jagged hemlines and intricate bark details to make the super-long shirt look like a haunted tree—spooky eyes and haunted mouth, included! The foam helps maintain the shape of the tree without inhibiting too much movement… just enough to keep them from hiding anywhere. The face opening features a printed mesh mask to maintain the horrific illusion… so we’re sorry about that. TOPIC: LED LIGHTSThe only thing that would make this jersey pull-over Terrifying Tree costume spookier is a set of blinking lights where the eyes would be. So, depending on how much you want to shriek, we either highly recommend you do that or definitely recommend that you avoid them! Either way, this is sure to be tree-riffic fun.

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