Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Leatherface Skin Mask


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Making Your Roadtrip MemorableWhen road tripping in Texas, the attractions are memorable but they sure are far apart! There are plenty of wide-open spaces between Big Bend National Park and The Alamo. Yes, the rural landscape may be a feature but all those hours on the road can wear on even the closest car full of college pals. Are you looking for a break from eye spy and out of tune car karaoke? Want to make sure that your friends never forget this time together?Why not give them memories spiked with red hot adrenaline and pack this mask straight from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies? All you have to is wait until you all stop at a seriously questionable gas station in the middle of nowhere (preferably one that serves chili) slip this over your head, and step out from the shadows, and you’ll have your buddies riled up in no time. Sure, they might hop into the car and leave you stranded, but that’s simply the price you have to pay for an anecdote that’ll last a lifetime!Product DetailsWhile this mask might not actually be made out of human skin, the details molded into the latex features certainly create a creepy look and feel! The licensed Leatherface mask has an attached wig so that it looks eerie from every angle. The eyes are dark and gaping so that anyone looking at you can’t see your real skin. They are fitted with slits at the top so that you can see without giving up any of the drama. Slip this mask on and you’ll have a look that’s straight out of the slasher classics!Stop for DirectionsCompleting your Texas Chainsaw look is easy. Simply pair this with a blood-splattered apron and one of our props such as the meathook or plastic cleaver and you’ll be ready to rock whether you’re scaring your friends on a road trip or heading out for Halloween!

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