Thankful Pilgrim Girl’s Costume


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Old Fashioned TreatsWhat is your child’s favorite Thanksgiving meal? Does she always take seconds of Grandma’s stuffing or is she always looking forward to the pumpkin pie? What if your child had been born in the 1600s in Plymouth rock? Her favorite foods might be a little different. The first Thanksgiving took place on the East Coast before the turkey really took over as the main course. Instead, the pilgrims often at Lobster with freshly turned butter. The pilgrim’s Wampanoag guests brought five deer which the pilgrims roasted over a fire on a spit. As this is a celebration of the harvest, there were plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat as well. They roasted cabbage, carrots, and peas. They made a cornmeal porridge that was heavy with molasses. And while the pilgrims didn’t yet have the resources to make the flakey pie crusts we know and love, they had their version of pumpkin pie by filling a hollowed-out pumpkin with cream, honey, and spices. Honestly, we might just be hungry but that sounds pretty tasty to us. While your child might want to stick with her pumpkin pie and turkey, she’ll have a great time wearing the fashions of the first Thanksgiving in modern era. Design & DetailsThis Thankful Pilgrim Costume for Girls will make your child look like she’s coming straight from the history books. The top zips up the back and has wide shoulder detail and a ruched white neckline. The shirt lays over the skirt with a peplum. Floor-length and straight cut, this skirt is layered under a white apron and will make for a striking look for Thanksgiving festivities and family get-togethers. Time to EatNow that you’ve read all about the pilgrim’s first meal, are you dreaming of this year’s festivities? This costume is sure to be an amazing look for school plays or photoshoots. All this historic talk might even make her eat up your modern squash casserole!

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