The Addams Family Fester Child’s Costume


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Which Fester is Best!?The Addams family has been entertaining us (and freaking us out) for decades and we keep on going back to see ’em. (Who can resist the kooky, ooky friendly family, honestly?) But, no matter how often we head up to that mysterious museum, we can’t help but notice that Fester is always changing things up. When we first met him, he was a chubby-cheeked Jackie Coogan. We loved his lightbulb antics and quick-to-please personality. But, then came the movies and Christopher Lloyd was an instant win of a portrayal takeover! We were ready to sign off for Fester forever until broadway musicals gave us new versions and the gloriously colorful(?) design of The New Addams Family, too! Of course, with the cartoonish revision of Fester featuring those gaunt eyes and playful aplomb, it’s a whole new world of Fester fun. The question remains: which Fest is best!? Naturally, the answer is the secret one…Product DetailsThe truth is that the best Fester hasn’t even shown up to the contest, yet! Your kiddo is clearly the creepiest and spookiest of all Festers-to-be. It’s time to give the stage to your tyke in this officially licensed Fester costume from The Addams Family animated feature. This is a suede coat with foam to help keep its stark shape. It fastens with hook and loops in the back and includes a molded plastic mask to give your kid that iconic bald look with the new animated shape. No lightbulbs included, here, but we’re sure your tyke will be shining even without it! A New Fester on the LooseNobody can ever have too much Fester, so we’re happy to see yet another one will be out on the streets this Halloween when your kiddo gears up in this Fester costume. Team up with more kids wearing the rest of the character costumes for some serious kooky antics.

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