The Addams Family Wednesday Child’s Costume


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Comeback KidIt can be hard to grow up in a place where you stand out like a sore thumb. But if you’ve got the right attitude, you can overcome even the most passive-aggressive of adversaries. Wednesday Addams sets a wonderful example when it comes to giving the haters an ice-cold shoulder. Whether it’s defending her eerie lemonade stand or her blooming interest in homicide, she always has the perfect comeback up her sleeve. While other people, even other people in her family, might shrink from conflict, Wednesday doesn’t blink an eye. If only we could all be as steadfast in our weird resolve! Costume Details This unique licensed Wednesday Addams costume is channeling the 2019 cartoon version of her trademark collared black dress. The ensemble has a dramatic collar and matching cuffs made of foam for a cartoonish look. The dress has decorative buttons down the front and skulls printed around the hem. Fastened in back with a hook and loop strip, this costume is easy to change into before the Halloween festivities start. Pair this costume with black braids and a silent, serious demeanor, and your child will be ready to roll in no time!Delightfully DarkOkay, okay maybe your kiddo isn’t serious all the time. We’re pretty sure even Wednesday cracks a smile on Halloween, with such an ooky, spooky atmosphere, how could she resist? While this costume is a whole lot of fun on its own, you can help her stay in character when you pair this with the other members of the Addams family. That’s right, with a range of sizes for different ages, everyone can take part. Who wouldn’t be delighted to find Morticia, Gomez, and their lovely children on their doorstep on Halloween night? Ready to embrace this family of fear? You had better snap to it!

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