The Mummy Child Costume


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In the movies, people always seem to think that the best thing to do whenever a pharaoh or high priestess gets reanimated is to scream and yell and generally make a big fuss. But we’ve figured out the real problem: mummies just want to sleep in. Raising a racket when they rise from the grave only makes them more wound-up!Don’t shine bright lights in their faces. Use your inside voices. Try not to confuse them by using any technology that’s newer than the pyramids. If people would observe these simple guidelines, we’re sure that everyone could get along! But once an Ancient Egyptian is roused from eternal slumber, there’s only one thing that will soothe them to sleep again: the calming presence of their own mum!Unfortunately, we still haven’t figured out how to wake a mummy’s mum without making her as grumpy as her children, which means we have to wake her mum too, and that mummy’s mum, and that mummy’s mum, and so on. It gets old fast! But after thousands of years in the grave, even the well-embalmed don’t have very good vision. That means a present-day human child in a suit of tattered linens is usually close enough to send them all back to bed!So whether your kid wants to hit the snooze button on the next accidental awakening or just remind people that the undead are out there trying to get some shut-eye, this great-looking costume is exactly what you’re looking for!

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