The Purge: Uncle Sam Mask


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Wham, Bam, No Thankyou, Sam!Can we be honest? We don’t think that The Purge would go down the way that it goes down in the movies. Instead of murder and full-on plundering wouldn’t be popular. Why? Because there’s still social contracts out there! Instead, we think people would indulge in gambling openly, letting their dogs off-leash in public parks, and partaking in a litany of white-collar crimes to help boost their yearly income. But that would not make for good cinema. The current Purge movies have a lot going for them. Action, moral stories, and let’s not forget… rad costumes!Product DetailsThis molded mask is a creepy delight from The Purge: Election Year. A wide malicious grin and wild hair will send a shiver down onlooker’s spines. An elastic band slides around your head to make sure the mask stays in place throughout your costumed excursion.Fearsome Founding FatherPair this mask with a patriotic blue suit and your ensemble will be utterly unsettling! Looking to pair up with friends this Halloween? Check out the rest of our Purge masks and you’ll find something horrifying for everyone in your group! Maybe you could even do some group jaywalking if you folks are feeling lawless (you didn’t hear that from us).

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