The Rock Mask


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He Who Smelt It…Did you smell it? Boy, we sure didn’t. Maybe there’s something wrong with our nose, but we’ve never been able to smell what The Rock is cooking, no matter how many times we’ve tried! In the ring, he’s unpredictable. One second he’s body slamming Chris Jericho for making a cocky insult. The next second he’s grappling with Triple H in a legendary ladder match. After that, he might be holding the mic to give a speech about his awesome accomplishments in the ring. We’ve come to the conclusion that we’re not worthy of wearing this Rock Mask, but you might be.Product DetailsIf you’ve been able to smell what The Rock has been cooking throughout his long career in the WWE, then you may just have what it takes to wear this WWE The Rock Mask. The full mask is made out of molded latex and is designed to look like The Rock’s face. It comes with his signature eyebrow raise and his serious face sculpted right into the front. It features eye holes for vision and is a one-size-fits-most style. Just toss it on and you might be ready to battle it out in the ring!

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