Toddler Girls Purple Moon Witch Costume


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Has your little girl been speaking in odd tongues? Saying incantations you can’t quite interpret? Gathering weird ingredients and mixing up glowing potions? Cool! It sounds like your youngster has been hard at work, perfecting her witchcraft! Grab her this Purple Moon Witch costume and she’ll be ready to show off her awesome powers this Halloween!Your little lady can look like a full-fledged member of the Wiccan beliefs and maybe, if she’s lucky enough, get accepted into an actual coven with this amazing costume! This witch’s dress is covered from top to bottom with purple flocked stars and moons, and even has a crescent moon buckle for the deep purple sash belt. With so many cosmic symbols on her apparel, it will be clear to others where her magical powers come from, the entire galaxy! So everyone will know that it is absolutely futile ever trying to overpower her… As terrifying as that sounds, she’ll still look cute as a button! Grab her a few accessories to complete this adorable and spooky costume! You can’t go wrong with a classic witch’s broom for her to zip around on. Every witch needs a cute and creepy companion to accompany them on their late night broom rides. So grab her a little stuffed black cat to keep her company on those midnight flights over the town. Once your little witch has all the accessories need to be the most powerful magical being flying through the sky, let her enchant all your neighbors around the block. Take her out trick-or-treating and watch her charm draw in more candy than any other child receives! Just make sure to regulate her sugar intake, no one wants to deal with a powerful sorceress all jacked-up on sweets!

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