Toddler Girl’s Sweet Ladybug Costume


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A BRAND NEW ADORABLE SPECIESThere are many forms of life in our world that often look similar to something else. We’ve got bugs that can look like sticks and leaves. We have a few leaves that even look like predatory bugs! But, then there are a number of other ‘cute’ looking critters that only pretend to be the real deal. We’re talking about those Asian Beetles that run around, stinking up the place, munching on everything while pretending to be the cute little ladybug! Well, we’ve got good news, too! Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to encounter a truly cute critter that manages to blend two adorable things into one. This Little Ladybug is a brand new wonder that we hope will spread the world over. Some important traits of the Little Ladybug are their super cute look, adorable laughter, and the certainty of sweet to be spread throughout its habitat. This is especially true if fed a diet of candies, though we do recommend moderation.DESIGN & DETAILSIntroduce this beneficial little critter to your domain with this exclusive Sweet Ladybug Costume. Our Cabbage Patch tenders came rushing to our in-house designers with this idea, inspired by all the ladybugs helping the environment and we couldn’t say no to this lovely black and red dress with sparkling tulle and gleaming red and black polka-dot wings. There are several layers of black tulle to give a soaring look, and the poofy antennae headband brings the buggy duds to life. SURE TO FIX THE WORLDWe all hope that our kiddos might be part of the solution that helps to fix all the problems in the land. Who knew that you can start so early by letting your tyke become one of the most helpful critters in the whole garden? This Sweet Little Ladybug look is bound to spread some serious joy in no time!

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