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Mouthing OffWelcome to the eating Olympics! Where mouths come together to see who’s the best at chomping down food. The busy schedule unfurls as follows. At eight o’clock, spectators can choose between watching the gum-chewing competition on the field or overdone steak gnawing in the cafeteria. After a break for mouthwash and relaxing, the competition will take off again at noon for competitive taffy and jerky eating. Once the chewy foods are done, competing teeth will take part in both crispy and crunchy specialties for a truly edge-of-your-seat experience. Our teeth go through a lot every day. They dig into all sorts of textures and foods, and they do a great job! If you want to go above and beyond brushing and flossing, pay your teeth some extra respect when you throw on a tooth costume for your next themed outing!Design & DetailsThis toothsome costume is simple to throw on and is simple enough for all sorts of events from parades to parties. Simply throw the foam-backed over your own clothes and zip up the back, and you’ll be ready to go! The shoulders can be stuffed with lightweight material such as tissue or plastic grocery bags for a well-rounded molar shape. Pair up with a tooth fairy or a tube of toothpaste to make this a group costume to remember!A Mile of SmileAre you ready to celebrate the chompers that work so hard to keep you well-fed? This costume is the perfect way to show them that you care. Now, we can’t promise that this will stop your teeth from getting any cavities. Halloween can be pretty crazy when it comes to the candy overload. Tooth care is up to you but we’re not worried because now that you know how it feels to become part of the mouth, we know you’ll take care of your teeth. Now, how about a smile?

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