Top Gun Bomber Jacket Costume for Kids


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Cool Guy ZoneWe understand. You’re sitting there, wondering what age it’s appropriate to outfit your child with a bomber jacket. As you know, bomber jackets are for cool guys—the real James Dean types. The hard truth is that there is no hard-cut answer. Some kids turn into cool guys as soon as they can talk. Others grow into it and hit maximum cool guy mode around the age of 12. You just need to determine for yourself when your child is ready for a bomber jacket. When he’s ready, this Top Gun bomber jacket for kids will be waiting for him.This officially licensed jacket is based on the iconic 1980s film, Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise. It comes with a style that’s perfect for young cool guys! If your little one is exhibiting the signs of being a cool guy (wearing sunglasses, a devil-may-care attitude, and witty one-liners), then he may just be ready to wear it!Product DetailsThe jacket has a faux leather design with plenty of cool, embroidered patches decorating the exterior. The zipper has an airplane-shaped pull tab and it even has functioning button pockets in the front. The collar is a faux sheepskin material, which puts the finishing touch to the look. When your child has it on, he’ll be feeling like a true maverick himself!Cool Group ZoneWhile your young one might be a bit too young to actually get behind the controls of an F-14 Tomcat, he’s definitely not too young to be a cool guy. If your child is a cool guy, then you’re going to want to dress him up in this bomber! Of course, you can take the Top Gun costume to the next level by grabbing an adult Goose costume to become your young ones co-pilot this year!

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