Tween Mad as a Hatter Costume


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Hatters might had a propensity for going mad back in Alice’s day, but they had a really good reason for it. Since they worked so closely with mercury, it was very easy to them to contract mercury poisoning which lead to neurological diseases and other symptoms that resembled madness. To make matters worse, many of them were sent to asylums where they were given unsuccessful treatments and would pass the time by putting on plays and (here it comes) having tea parties.So yeah, mercury poisoning is a heck of a thing, and we wouldn’t advise you go mad this Halloween trying to plan your costume. We have a simpler suggestion that will keep you far away from the hat making business but will still add a touch of madness to your Halloween plans. Presenting the Tween Mad as a Hatter Costume, a colorful and unique Halloween costume idea.This 100% polyester faux suede interlock knit and knit mesh fabric features a double-breasted cutaway tailcoat with burgundy faux suede with hot pink edging. The vest panels are blue with green swirl print and white buttons. The plaid skirt has yoke, an elastic waist and back zipper with a built-in petticoat. The costume comes with a yellow teapot print bow tie that fastens with Hook and Loop fastener, plaid fingerless gloves have pink mesh ruffle, and burgundy faux spats with hot pink piping and yellow buttons. This is also available in adult sizes so everyone can get in on the madness!

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