Uptown School Girl Costume for Women


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Learning is important! In fact, it’s so important, that we’re not surprised that you’ve been weighing your educational decisions. Being in the right institution is important, so we’d like to make sure you know all about the newest, latest, and greatest school for young women like yourself: The Uptown School!Yes, you can further your learning and get a world class education when you enroll in the Uptown School. Because when we’re talking about your future, we think it’s worth the extra effort to attend an esteemed institution. But when you enroll you are going to have to familiarize yourself with the rules of school. And the first rule is: show up in uniform.The Uptown School definitely has a signature uniform, and we’re happy to let you know that we sell it right here. It’s this Uptown School Girl costume for women! And even though it’s just a costume, we can assure you that this look is super official, and that it’s the real deal uniform to attend the prestigious academy. With this cool style, you’re going to fit right in with all of your new classmates!This ensemble includes everything you need to attend the renowned Uptown institution. The plaid miniskirt looks great with the stark black jacket, and logo buttons and an embroidered insignia on the bra make this costume set look official. Attach the ruffle and wear the collar and tie around your neck, and you’ll have the perfect look for hitting the books. Get this costume, and you’ll be making an important first step in your educational future!

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