Where’s Waldo Odlaw Costume for Adults


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Worthy FoeEveryone needs a worthy adversary. Throughout history, every great hero has one. The sun has the moon. Captain Ahab has that darned whale, Moby Dick. Sherlock Holmes had the ruthless Moriarty. And, of course, Waldo has Odlaw.Who is Odlaw? No one really knows. (We’ve done extensive background checks and we even asked that crafty wizard who’s always hanging out with Waldo! It seems that his history is shrouded in mystery. All we can deduce after seeing in various Where’s Waldo books is that he always has a nasty look on his face and that he takes inspiration from the humble bumble bee when choosing outfits. Also, we hear he wants to steal Waldo’s magic walking stick. That seems like a pretty mean thing to do, but then again, if Waldo didn’t have an adversary, he’d just be some carefree dude in his 30’s, catching the sights! Yes, Waldo is a more interesting character because of Odlaw’s very existence. And now, you can become the mysterious villain when you wear this licensed costume for adults.Product DetailsThis Where’s Waldo themed Odlaw costume transforms you into the freewheeling traveler’s dastardly foe. The costume comes with a black and yellow striped shirt, which is the perfect contrast to Waldo’s red and white striped outfit. It also comes with the matching hat and a fake mustache, so no need to grow your own. The finishing piece to this outfit is the black framed glasses.FrenemiesOnce you have this outfit on, you’ll be ready to travel the Earth to find your nemesis! Of course, you could make it easier on yourself by getting a friend or a family member to dress up as Waldo. After all, this Odlaw costume makes for the perfect duo costume for best buds, brothers, frenemies, or any other duo who loves Waldow.

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