Wild West Sheriff Boy’s Costume


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Corraling the CowboysWhat made those Old Western cowboys so gruff? All the characters in the old Western flicks really knew how to mean mug. Maybe all those days riding horse in the hot sun made them short-tempered. We certainly get irritable after mowing the lawn in August. Or maybe they were angry because all they got to eat was beans and oatmeal unless they caught an unlucky rabbit. There’s no kind of angry that’s more effective than hangry in our book! With all the prickly cowpokes trotting through any old western village, there’s always a call for a wise yet stern hand to keep those folks in line. Every town needs a sheriff! Think your courageous kid is up for it? This costume will make him the best sheriff west of the Mississippi in no time!Details & DesignFrom trick-or-treating to parties to play time this Made by Us costume will remain a favorite for your kiddo for many adventures to come. Because of the extra attention that we pay to the quality of our exclusive costumes, you can be sure you’ll get more than one wear out of this photogenic ensemble. The look is timeless featuring fringed cowhide print chaps, a faux leather vest, a plaid shirt, bandana, and the iconic cowboy hat. Pair this look with a pair of jeans and your little one will be ready to get those bad guys in line.Good to Giddy-UpIs your little one pacing the floor until his new costume shows up? There are a few things he needs to practice before the badge ceremony. For one, that cowboy saunter is key. Your kiddo should look like he or she’s been riding a horse for days. Once she’s conquered the saunter, she’s almost there. Now she just needs a catchphrase to call the baddies. We like pilgrim and buckaroo, but your kids will come by their phrase once they throw this costume on!

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