Wild Witch Child Costume


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Are you tired of the same old costume for your little trick or treater? Our Wild Witch Child Costume will let your little lady break the mold in this funky and fun take on the classic witch costume. A costume that is sure to let her personality shine, no hocus pocus! This witch costume has an edgy take on that boring, overdone, all plain black witch costume. Our Wild Witch costume is just that, wild! It’s full of dazzling colors in the form of spider webs, they’re everywhere from the hat to the sleevelets, so not only will she but cute but she’ll also be spooky! Despite how edgy and outgoing your child is we know deep down all little girls love a good tutu so we’ve included a multi colored tutu skirt that she can throw on over the leggings (which are also included, you’re welcome) for a fun twist on an old classic.Times are changing so why shouldn’t your Halloween costumes be able to change too? You would have to be a goon or maybe even a goblin not to want this costume for your little mini me! Your girl will be cooking up all kinds of crazy concoctions while decked out in our Wild Witch Childs Costume and she doesn’t even have to paint her face green. I mean just look at it, it’s basically impossible not to have fun while wearing it!

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