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A Grin and a GrowlWolves have a bad rap. Blame it on Big Fairy Tale Corporations. They’ve really thrown wolves under the proverbial bus. From Red Ridinghood to The Three Little Pigs, wolves get all the blame and absolutely no understanding. These stories were written so many generations ago and people still look down on these wild dogs. Not cool! We think it’s time for a change. And know who’s most effective at changing how we see the world? Well… girls, of course. And kids in general as well. Listen, we’re just talking about young people… our future if you will. Give Big Fairy Tale Corp a run for their wolf loathing money when you dress your adorable kid in this costume. Product DetailsThis wolf costume is the perfect way to frame those fairytale wolves in a soft new perspective. The high-quality of the Made by Us design allows your child to wear this costume for events as well as dressing up for playtime. The gray tunic falls past the hip in a wild pointed hemline. Trimmed in natural-looking faux fur around the hem as well as the shoulders, this costume looks right at home in the woods. A long tail is attached to the back, making posing in this costume extra fun. The hood is topped with furry ears for an instant ferocious look. The costume zips up the back to make transforming into a wolf, easy-peasy. A Howling Good TimePicture this: Halloween is over. The candy bowl is dwindling. Sad. We know. And here’s the thing, everyone craving more wolf time. No worries, this costume is cute enough to simply wear around the house. And if you’ve got a birthday coming up, you can always have a Wildlife themed party. Any reason to let loose and howl at the moon, right?

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